First off, thank you so much for considering having us in your home. With these house shows, we get to engage with many people that we'd most likely never have the privilege of meeting in a club setting. It's so cool to have the opportunity to come into someone's home, have dinner and sing along with twenty of their closest friends while making new ones ourselves. Without you as a host, we wouldn't be able to do this. So again, THANK YOU! We all know that good planning makes for a smooth evening ... which keeps us all from worrying about the details day-of ... which makes for a better hang! Please, take a few minutes to read through the information on this page and fill out the form below.

See you soon!


This event should feel like a casual dinner party with entertainment. It's important for you to know that, as the host, this is just as much your party as it is ours. We love hanging out and want to help you curate a familiar, relaxed environment that's conducive to free flowing conversation and fun. We can grill out, have a potluck or taco night. Have your guests share their favorite local beer, coffee, wine or cheese with us. If your best friend's great aunt has a killer banana pudding recipe, let's try it! More than anything, we want to blend in to your group of friends while everyone is having a good time. Our contribution will be an "unplugged" live set and a curated playlist made from all the music we've been listening to most recently.

In order to offset the cost of you hosting and to keep a more accurate head count, we'll be selling "dinner reservations" through a link on this site for $2 per adult. All of the money from these proceeds will go directly to you. Now, there won't be a bouncer and it's not like anyone is going to kick your neighbors out if they wander over without a reservation. This means that it's up to you to direct your guests to the reservation site when you invite them. If we're lucky, we'll have 25 guests with a reservation, which puts $50 in the pot for hosting (ice, drinks, paper plates, etc) and allows us to make a more accurate assumption as to how many people will actually show up. As for our costs, we're banking on donations and merch sales on the night-of. To give you an idea, a single night away from home costs us an minimum of $620 a day. We're not necessarily planning on making this back but we'd certainly love to offset the cost and will definitely need your help communicating this to the guests.

We’ve found that most house concerts are attended by friends of the host. To invite your friends, you can use individual e-mails or text messages, a Facebook event, Evite or whatever system you're most comfortable with. This is a basic example of what an invitation can look like. Modify this or add to it as you see fit. Or use something completely different altogether...

Hey! I'm having a dinner party at my place next Friday. There's an artist named Taylor Phelan coming through town with his band and they're coming over that night to play an "unplugged" house show. You can find his music anywhere but here's a link to his Sound Cloud... https://soundcloud.com/taylorphelan. It's going to be a lot of fun. He's asking everyone who plans on coming to make a reservation. It's $2 to reserve a spot through his website. Just go to http://taylorphelan.com/reservations. I'm super excited about it. Let me know if you think you'll come!

Feel free to tell your guests that we're requiring a $2 reservation. We'll never promote the show publicly without your prior consent. That being said, as a host, it's crucial that you are actively inviting people to your party. If you decide to open the show to the public, we'll have a designated number of reservations available and will have people RSVP for the address. For the sake of privacy, your address will never be posted openly.

The schedule is certainly flexible but here's an idea of what it could look like...

6:30 pm - Guests arrive (our playlist playing, drinks, cooking food, etc)
7:30 pm - Dinner
8:30 pm - We play some songs
9:30 pm - Start the process of wrapping up

We'd like to arrive at least three hours before the party to load in, setup, clean up, and just get to know you a little before the guests arrive. When we get there, we'll need a place to park. The smallest thing we'll be traveling in is a 15 passenger van and the largest is a 42ft rig... we'll let you know what we're driving a few days before. We can play in a living room, back porch, or anything in between. We really like to keep things as intimate as possible, so we generally prefer not to play through a PA system. If the party grows to the point where a PA is necessary, we most likely will not have one available to us. Depending on the available space and how many guests have reservations, we'd like to play a two-piece drum kit, cello, electric guitar, and two acoustics... or some variation of this. I know it may sound scary but everything will be at a very low, controlled volume. As for dinner, feel free to share the responsibility with friends in lieu of a dinner reservation! This is a great way to get 3-4 of your friends invested in the night. If you a your "co-hosts" are all inviting friends, it's that much more likely to be a hit.

Unfortunately, many people are allergic to cats. No one in the band is but it's definitely something to be mindful of when it comes to guests. If you have a dog, even a tiny one, please just imagine how distracting a ringing collar could be in the midst of low and delicate musical moment. You know your dog better than we do so we're not telling you how to handle that but if you're at all concerned, please consider putting them in the back room for the music.


Please fill out the form below so we can officially get this show on the books.

Please outline any pertinent details. For example, will be playing outside, will there be any need for a PA system, are there any other acts performing, etc.
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