Taylor Phelan is a songwriter, singer and indie-rock artist. Phelan was raised within a musical family in his home state of Texas and began to play guitar and write his own songs at 16, cutting his teeth at coffee shops. He started his professional career as the founder and frontman for the Chicago-based alternative band, The Canes. In 2014, Phelan was a favorite contestant on the seventh season of NBC’s hit reality series, The Voice, an experience that revealed his tremendous talent as a solo artist. In 2015, shortly after signing with the indie label, Native Nine Records, Phelan teamed up with Nashville-based producer Joshua D Niles to work on his first collection of solo material. The long awaited first single from Phelan, a song called "Settle Down", was premiered by Yahoo Music in the spring of 2017 to rave reviews. Phelan's debut EP followed in August with the first of a two-part release, a seven song collection of music cleverly titled "1 of 2". In support, Phelan has since been featured in Huffington Post, Paste Magazine, Alternative Press and a dozen others while touring the country with a spectacularly engaging live band.

In 2010, Phelan moved to Chicago in pursuit of music and bandmates. The Canes final lineup formed late 2011 when Phelan connected with three guys that had never before met. Upon their first introduction, the new band signed a lease on a practice space and began dreaming. Before their first rehearsal, Phelan and the band were booked for a show at the legendary Double Door in Chicago. A friend of the band, NBA shooting guard Kyle Korver, hosted a charity concert in January 2012. The Canes performed in front of a sold-out crowd, opening for the Seattle based band, Barcelona. Immediately, The Canes had the attention of the Chicago music scene, where few bands have broken into with such regard. The following year would prove to be a successful one for Phelan and The Canes, including two independently funded national tours, a development deal signed with private investor, Helen Rich and Medallion Media Group, and the two-part release of Cupid and The Atomic Bomb. In March of 2013, citing personal reasons, The Canes announced they’d be taking an extended hiatus. The band never regrouped and officially disbanded early 2014.

With the support of his wife to "get back into music", Phelan reluctantly auditioned for season 7 of NBC’s The Voice. According to him, “I really didn’t expect it to go anywhere. We’ve all watched these shows and we all know it's a long shot.” But once again, Phelan was determined to stand out. His ‘Blind Audition’ was arguably the most impactful performance of the season and one of the most watched, with nearly 6.5 million views on YouTube alone. All four coaches including Blake Shelton, Pharrell Williams, Gwen Stefani and Adam Levine turned their chairs in hopes Phelan would pick his/her team for musical guidance. Phelan chose Pharrell Williams as his mentor. Over the next couple of rounds, Phelan continued to impress the panel of superstar coaches. Gwen Stefani praised Phelan, stating that watching him perform was like “watching a peer.” When Phelan lost to Luke Wade in the ‘Knockout’ round, all of the celebrity coaches were once again fighting for him to join their team. This time, Phelan made the more obvious choice and picked fellow band-guy, Adam Levine. Although it seemed he had a very promising future with Team Adam, Phelan’s journey on the show came to a shocking end when he was eliminated after his Top 20 live performance. Although he was cut earlier than anticipated, he said “I have nothing but positive things to say about the show and my experience. It’s given me an amazing platform and I feel very blessed to have worked so closely with Adam [Levine] and Pharrell.”

Phelan met his now wife Nikki in 2011. In the fall of 2012, the couple wrestled with the success of The Canes and the band’s tour schedule during Nikki’s pregnancy. Their first daughter, Addison, was born in March of 2013 and in the interest of their growing family, the two decided to move away from Chicago, closer to relatives in Texas. With previous experience as a graphic designer, Phelan took a corporate job as a creative director and temporarily put his music on hold while the couple transitioned into parenthood. The two welcomed their second daughter, Amelia, in December of 2016.